The Arthouse Cinema Hub is the place to learn, connect, and share your ideas about programming, marketing, business, audience development and cinema space with the arthouse cinema industry worldwide.

Initiated by the CICAE and the European Arthouse Cinema Day.

  • Audience Development Discover the art of transforming casual viewers into passionate cinema-goers who eagerly anticipate every screening - and tell their friends about it. read more
  • Business Navigate the business landscape of arthouse cinemas through sustainable revenue models, partnerships with local artisans, and optimizing limited resources for maximum impact. read more
  • EACD European Art Cinema Day aims to strengthen cinemas in regions that don’t have their own arthouse unions, develop support structures and increase the visibility of arthouse films in general. read more
  • Marketing & Public Relations From creating compelling storytelling campaigns to leveraging social media to create a vibrant community: Unlock the art of captivating audiences with best practices tailored for arthouse cinemas. read more
  • Programming Let us guide you in designing series and schedules that spark conversations, cultivate a devoted following and engage audiences. read more
  • Space From cozy, themed seating arrangements to avant-garde decor that transports viewers into the heart of the film, these best practices will help you transform your arthouse cinema into a haven where every film becomes an unforgettable experience. read more

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Behind the Scenes – Gisela Ritzén looks back on the road to her first edition as organiser of EACD in Sweden

• EACD • Audience Development • Programming

Interview with Gisela Ritzén, project manager for the EACD in Sweden

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