Cinema is… What makes your cinema special?

What does cinema mean to you? The European Arthouse Cinema Day invites all cinemas to create visuals about their love for it.

Uniting arthouse cinemas for European Arthouse Cinema Day

Cinema has the power to transport us to distant lands, evoke emotions, and ignite our imaginations. Since 2016 more than 700 cinemas in over 40 countries have participated in the event, coming together for an exciting joint international marketing action to celebrate the essence of cinema.

Through a captivating graphic template designed for social media sharing, these cinemas aim to highlight what makes the cinematic experience so special. This initiative not only promises to engage cinephiles across the globe but also raises awareness for the upcoming European Arthouse Cinema Day.

About the European Arthouse Cinema Day

The CICAE organises the European Arthouse Cinema Day, in association with the Europa Cinemas network and co-funded by Creative Europe's MEDIA programme. Since 2016 more than 700 cinemas in over 40 countries have participated in the event, offering magnificent programming including previews, films for young audiences, and classics from the history of European cinema.

How to benefit from international campaigns

International campaigns are most beneficial when being adapted to the local cinema and people. Sharing individual thoughts on cinema through a visual and consistent template creates high awareness and quality content benefitting the local event. Why you sould participate: 

  • Arthouse cinemas specialize in bringing unconventional, thought-provoking, and culturally rich films to the audience. By uniting under a shared graphic template, these cinemas are emphasizing the immense diversity of storytelling that arthouse films offer.
  • This joint marketing action transcends geographical boundaries, connecting arthouse cinemas from different corners of the world. 
  • Spark dialogue and reflection: The graphic template sparks conversations about the magic of cinema. By engaging audiences in discussions about what makes cinema special, arthouse cinemas are fostering a deeper appreciation for cinema, especially on social media.
  • Generating awareness for European Arthouse Cinema Day: This initiative serves as a vibrant prelude to the European Arthouse Cinema Day,

Social media posts: Choosing the right platform and format

Social media channels offer the opportunity to reach target groups easily and cost-effectively. Depending on the platform, the user characteristics and content that can be shared differ. 

Image-based social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are suitable for the European Arthouse Cinema Day graphics. The graphics can be shared in the feed or in the story of the channels. A well thought-out content planning supports you in the implementation.

It is important to always add to the asset: Write an engaging caption to underline the statement and tag partners and institutions to increase awareness.

Best Practise: Creating a contest / @kosovelovdomsezana / @kosovelovdomsezana

The Cinema Kosovelov Dom Sežana asked directly on the template to tell them in the comments what cinema is for the audience. Connecting the post with a contest brought additional engagement.

Download the graphic and join the campaign

The graphic template being shared across social media channels captures the essence of cinema through carefully chosen visuals and thought-provoking text.

  1. Download the template „Cinema is…“ and edit it on Canva
  2. Post the graphic on social media and tag others asking them the same question.

The frames for Instagram and Facebook are available at Zurück ins Kino for download. 

The essence of cinema

Cinema's enchanting power unites over 700 arthouse cinemas in 40 countries as we prepare for the European Arthouse Cinema Day. Through captivating visuals shared on social media, we engage cinephiles worldwide and raise awareness for this upcoming celebration. Let's unite, reflect on cinema's magic, and promote the European Arthouse Cinema Day together. Download the "Cinema is…" template, add your personal touch, and share it to join this global celebration of cinema's essence.


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Deborah Shirley Cohrs shirleys

Deborah is an expert in digital communication. In the German cinema landscape, she accompanies arthouse cinemas, advises cinema associations, and shares her knowledge in workshops. As an editor, she also writes for the German Ideas Platform "Zurück ins Kino". more from the author

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