Matchmaking: Exchange of Greetings for the European Arthouse Cinema Day

Let's explore the great potential of international partnerships and the impact they can have on the global arthouse community. With numerous guests each year, arthouse cinemas play a crucial role in promoting cultural diversity. 

About the European Arthouse Cinema Day

The CICAE organises the European Arthouse Cinema Day, in association with the Europa Cinemas network and co-funded by Creative Europe's MEDIA programme. Since 2016 more than 700 cinemas in over 40 countries have participated in the event, offering magnificent programming including previews, films for young audiences, and classics from the history of European cinema.

Uniting Arthouse Cinemas through international partnerships

The European Arthouse Cinema Day is a celebration that transcends borders, languages, and cultures, embracing the universal language of cinema. 

As this special day approaches, a unique opportunity arises for arthouse cinemas across the globe to form meaningful partnerships and create an unforgettable cinematic experience for audiences. One innovative concept is "Matchmaking": arthouse cinemas joining forces to exchange heartfelt greetings on the big screen. 

The Matchmaking concept brings two cinemas together to co-create content about the event, learn from each other, increase relevance and raise awareness of the event.

Finding a partner cinema

  1. Reach Out: Contact arthouse cinemas that align with your vision and values. Reach out through your personal networks, industry networks, social media platforms, or film festivals.
  2. Exchange Ideas: Discuss the possibility of forming a partnership and brainstorm ideas for the greetings or content that will be shared on screen.
  3. Collaborative Content: Create heartfelt greetings, short films, or curated content that reflects the essence of your cinema. This can be anything from introducing your team to showcasing your cinema's unique space.
  4. Technical Coordination: Coordinate with your partner cinema on technical details such as formats, timelines, and any necessary technical support.
  5. Promotion: Promote the partnership on your social media channels, website, and local media - Instagram offers collaboration posts, make use of that to share the reach.

The CICAE will support you and find a match to celebrate the European Arthouse Cinema Day in union. Get in touch at:

Matchmaking to foster deeper connections

Arthouse cinemas are not just places to watch films; they are cultural hubs that reflect the soul of their communities. The concept of matchmaking takes this sense of connection to new heights by enabling cinemas from different corners of the world to collaborate and share their unique stories. 

  • Cultivating cross-cultural understanding: By partnering with an arthouse cinema from another country, you open a window to a different cultural perspective, for example by greetings shared on screen.
  • Creating global connections: The act of exchanging greetings on the European Arthouse Cinema Day isn't just a one-time event, it can mark the beginning of a lasting relationship. 
  • Sharing local stories: When arthouse cinemas from different regions collaborate, they get the chance to showcase their local talent and unique stories to a wider audience. 
  • Enhancing the cinematic experience: Watching greetings from arthouse cinemas around the world right before a screening on the European Arthouse Cinema day adds anticipation, turning each screening into a global celebration of cinema.Strengthening the arthouse movement: The European Arthouse Cinema Day is an occasion to celebrate the arthouse movement itself. 
  • Partnering with other arthouse cinemas reinforces the idea that these cinemas are not isolated entities but part of a larger, vibrant community that values art, culture, and meaningful storytelling.

Plan local and digital actions to enrich the partnership

The European Arthouse Cinema Day also serves in particular for networking among cinemas, and internationally. There are many action ideas that can be implemented together. Not only within the partnership of two cinemas, but also with all participating cinemas together. 

Local actions can help to enrich the experience and also offer a great opportunity to include your cinema partnership. Using digital channels can help spreading the message throughout the community as well. 

  • Present your partner city’s cinema, general exhibitions about European topics, or film posters of the same movie from different countries. 
  • Provide food from different countries, wine tasting, or a European buffet, and include local people with roots in different countries. 
  • Exchange videos to screen before the films.
  • Collaborate on posts on social media to engage the community.
  • Discover more local actions

In cooperation with the arthouse association CICAE and AG Kino-Gilde e.V., the German platform Zurück ins Kino which collects and connects creative cinematic ideas for digital marketing in cinemas offered an online lab to develop ideas for the promotion of European Art Cinema Day together with cinemas and cinema operators. You can download the results and presentation on their website.

Cinema's universal language

The European Arthouse Cinema Day unites cinemas worldwide through cinema's universal language. "Matchmaking" partnerships enhance this sense of connection, fostering cross-cultural understanding, global connections, and the sharing of local stories. These collaborations enrich the cinematic experience, reinforcing the arthouse community's values of art, culture, and storytelling. To enhance partnerships, local and digital actions can engage communities, celebrating European cinema's diversity.


Profilphoto Valentin Jassin

Valentin Jassin CICAE

Valentin is administrative and finance assistant at the CICAE since April 2022. He is also the French referent of the team and thus participates in our relationships with our French-speaking correspondents.Educated in cinema in Paris between the rue Champollion and the big networks, he worked as a projectionist in many cinemas and was trained in arthouse cinema management in Lyon through a master’s degree at the university and in the Cinémas Lumière. more from the author

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