Programming, Marketing and Public Relations: Overview of actions for the European Arthouse Cinema Day

Together with hundreds of cinemas we want to celebrate the diversity of European film culture and arthouse cinemas. Below we provide practical information and ideas of what the European Arthouse Cinema Day could look like in your cinema. 

About the European Arthouse Cinema Day

The CICAE organises the European Arthouse Cinema Day, in association with the Europa Cinemas network and co-funded by Creative Europe's MEDIA programme. Since 2016 more than 700 cinemas in over 40 countries have participated in the event, offering magnificent programming including previews, films for young audiences, and classics from the history of European cinema.

What could the event look like in your cinema?

The European Arthouse Cinema Day takes place on a Sunday. Consider creating a program and accompanying program that last all day long and fit to the values of the event and that is different to the regular program. 

Local actions can furthermore make the cinema experience even more unique and bring additional awareness to the event, even more when co-created with a local partner or collaborator. 

Create a unique program
  • Previews & Premieres: Get in contact with your national distributors and ask for possibilities to arrange previews & premieres of European movies that day. 
  • Short film programs can range from professional to rather smaller productions, disposed of specific European regions to thematic selections to presenting the work of a particular director. 
  • Children and young people can be receptive to the concept of European art-cinema culture. A resource can be European Film Factory.
  • Programs focusing on European film classics or retrospectives of certain directors are a perfect opportunity to show the deep roots of art cinema culture in Europe.
  • Europe film series: An artful programmed selection can enhance the idea of Europe as a diverse but equally artistic cultural space. Presenting European winners of the Venice film festival, queer movies, and thematic selections of films across Europe, could be appropriate means to spread the idea of the EACD. 
  • Favorite films: Ask prominent personalities from your area about their favorite movie.
  • Audience’s choice: Ask the audience in advance which film they would like to see, for example on social media.
  • Choose a theme and screen films related to it. 
  • Try to get in contact with cinemas in that city and work out something special. Create togetherness even though lots of kilometers are between you. 
Create accompanying program
  • Live Broadcast: Collaborate with other cinemas and share the EACD experience with others, for example via zoom.
  • Exhibitions: Present your partner city’s cinema, general exhibitions about European topics, or film posters of the same movie from different countries.
  • Decorate your hall with pictures, and posters or transform your space according to your program.
  • Poster sale: Do your own flea market and sell old posters of films programmed at your cinema. You can donate the revenues to a non-profit organization or use them to improve your venue.
  • Provide food from different countries, wine tasting, or a European buffet, and include local people with roots in different countries.
  • Presentation and Q&As Introduce all the movies programmed for the day and discuss them with the audience. People who are connected to the topic of the movie could be invited to the screening and present it. 
  • Workshops and masterclasses: Invite film talents and experts to give a workshop or masterclass about their work or a concrete cinematic theme.
  • Invite voice actors: The star is far away, but what about his or her voice? In countries where movies usually get dubbed, the dubbing voice can be invited. 
  • Readings: Readings from the novel the movie is based on can create an interesting insight into how key scenes from the book have been transformed into a film scene.
  • Music and parties: Concerts of local and European bands can be organized. Other possibilities are after-film parties or just celebrating the EACD.
  • Quiz, games and awards: Develop a European film quiz - kids and adults can be included. 
  • Share your work / Show your cinema! Why not show the inside of your cinema and how it works to your faithful audience?
Impressions of the European Arthouse Cinema Day 2022
Impressions of the European Arthouse Cinema Day 2022
Find partners to collaborate with
  • Local patrons: Majors/VIPs/Press
  • Embassies, consulates, cultural institutes (Goethe, etc.)
  • Cultural institutions such as theaters, concert halls, cultural centers, etc.
  • Partner cities 
  • Film Festivals, especially children's festivals
  • (European) Politicians
  • Erasmus/Students
  • Language schools
  • Restaurants with corresponding food offer 
  • Include communities with roots abroad 
  • Include Pupils/Expats/Immigrants/Students
  • Local associations and clubs (for example, a dance club connected to a film talking about dance or music, etc.)
  • Other international, national or regional multipliers like Young European Federalists or European Student’s Forum (AEGEE)
  • Local “influencers”
  • LUX Audience Award
Communicate your program and local actions
  • Communicate your program and actions on the website
  • Plan newsletters to regularly inform the audience about news and plans for the event
  • Plan a social media strategy to increase awareness
  • Reach out to local press and partners for editorial posts and shares
  • Collaborate with local influencers to increase reach

Marketing Materials

Each year, participating cinemas recieve access to download several marketing materials to promote the European Arthouse Cinema Day. This is an overview about what to expect:

  • Artwork: We provide a set of artwork and marketing materials for the promotion on-site. You can download them, include your own info and logo, use them online or print them.
  • Social Media Kit: For your homepage, Social Media channels or to add to your own program.
  • Social Media channels & Website: We will run campaigns via our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels. Please like and share those posts on your social media outlets in order to generate traffic. We invite all cinemas to create Facebook Events and invite our EACD Page to be co-host so we can advertise it with our allocated budget for social media. 
  • Trailer: We will again provide a main trailer to promote the day on your screens.
  • Videos with Ambassadors: When possible, short greeting videos and interviews will be produced to promote the day in your venue and also in your different communication channels. 
  • Press releases: The wording-proposal for press releases would be at your disposal in the download area so you can adapt and use them to spread the word and communicate the event to your local press and media outlets.
A cinematic experience to remember

In summary, the European Arthouse Cinema Day is an opportunity to celebrate European film culture and the uniqueness of arthouse cinemas. To create a memorable event, consider diverse programming, engaging accompanying activities, collaborations with local partners, and effective communication strategies. Let's make this day a cinematic experience to remember.


Profilphoto Valentin Jassin

Valentin Jassin CICAE

Valentin is administrative and finance assistant at the CICAE since April 2022. He is also the French referent of the team and thus participates in our relationships with our French-speaking correspondents.Educated in cinema in Paris between the rue Champollion and the big networks, he worked as a projectionist in many cinemas and was trained in arthouse cinema management in Lyon through a master’s degree at the university and in the Cinémas Lumière. more from the author

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